SEO Grimsby News – Google’s Shift To Semantic Search, But What Is Its Impact on SEO

Way back, at the beginnings of SEO, it had nearly always been about keywords.

When we prioritised keywords over content quality because, after all, that’s what it took to get ranked.

A world of quantity over quality, it did not really matter if the keywords we used sounded surgically implanted or not.

We all knew that it worked, so went along for the ride.

Just like VHS has gone, (I remember when the best Video store in town folded). It is no longer about using hundreds of keywords.

Just like the slimline blu-ray DVD has replaced the VHS recorder; natural use of keywords in content is the way forward.

We live in the modern, reinvented world, where semantic search makes a major impact.

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SEO Grimsby FAQ: How do I know if I’m getting ranked?

How Do I know if I’m getting ranked by Google?

As part of your SEO campaign you’ll want to ensure your getting ranked correctly by Google, otherwise all your SEO and Content Marketing efforts could be wasted.

If your worried your website is not getting ranked properly, or at all, Google helps you with a free tool set, heres 4 quick and easy actions you can take to get underway:

  1. Google your company name, and see if you show up in Googles search engine results, if you don’t; your not indexed properly.
  2. Sign up to Google Webmaster Tools, you can use your existing Google account if you have one.
  3. Add a Google sitemap.xml to your website, this is an easily indexable map of your content for Googles consumption.
  4. Google Webmaster Tools will tell you if you have any issues across your website, and your Google Sitemap will dig into any page specific crawling errors.

With Googles Webmaster Tools you can understand if your getting ranked by Google, and ensure you have no crawl errors across your website.