SEO Grimsby News – Collecting Customer Feedback

Every business has high hopes of being able to better its profits.

The best way to do this is to give your customers a great experience.

When seeking customer feedback, the majority of businesses gain a better picture of ways they can improve what they do. Collecting your feedback will no doubt present you with a challenge.

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SEO Grimsby – Lead And Demand Generation Within Your Content Marketing

crossroadsLead generation and demand generation, these both have their uses; but sadly cannot be used at the same time if you want to get the full potential out of them because they will work against each other.

You hear the majority of marketing people use the term ‘demand generation’, by this they mean lead generation — which is a measure of success based on the number and value of the leads their efforts bring in.

The problem is: Demand generation is focused on shaping your potential clients and present clients perspective, and lead generation is really just collecting their information.

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SEO Grimsby News – SEO For Successful Content Marketing

socialseoIn the content marketing world, there is a lot of talk about SEO, and for good reason.

‘Think of SEO this way: If a customer focused content marketing program is a bag of Fish and Chips, then SEO is the salt and vinegar. It touches nearly everything and even changes the overall flavor of your Fish and Chips, but on its own, it is not very appealing’.

We examine the core principles and key considerations you should be aware of in order to produce the most successful content marketing possible.

Creating For People Should Always Come First

You are probably aware of the content marketing vs. SEO debate.

The two disciplines can and should work very well together.

There are no downsides to optimising your content for SEO, although it should not be your primary consideration when you create and publish your content.

You should already know what your customers are likely to be looking for in the content they choose to read.

Google’s constantly changing algorithms aim to keep online content relevant and of a high standard.

Always remember the golden rule:

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