SEO Grimsby News – Did You Really Get It Wrong or Are They Playing Dirty

Part of your PPC campaign is made up of bidding on your competition’s keywords.

There is nothing wrong with this type of practice, it is perfectly acceptable.

There are rules of engagement to follow, aren’t there?

Not everyone abides by them, Just because you are sticking to the rules, it does not mean your competition is.

Black Hat PPC

Foul Play (Unscrupulous Activity) – There are advertisers out there that follow basic AdWord guidelines for their PPC campaigns, the ads are well structured, and the messaging is correct; The landing page is done as it should be.

This is how everyone does it, isn’t it?

Well, No.

Some websites are full of slanderous content, Criticism (a little is acceptable); and many other sources of under hat practices.

It is difficult to keep an eye on this sort of behaviour, implementing time to research, monitor and track your competition is one of the few ways to stay ahead of these black hat practices.

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SEO Grimsby – Link Google My Business And AdWords And Get Account-Level Location Extensions

googlemybusiness-googleadwordsGoogle has now implemented the ability to set up location extensions at the account level, this is done by linking your Google My Business account to your AdWords account.

You do not have to set up location extensions separately for each campaign again.

Once called Google Places for Business, Google My Business, is where businesses can manage location listings to display on Google Maps, Google Search and Google+ from now on.

Once you have added all of your required locations to Google My Business and link to AdWords, then you choose ‘upgraded’ location extensions from the Extensions tab, this will now show automatically for all of your campaigns.

You can set up filters to assign addresses to certain campaigns or ad groups.

The location listings can be used for your targeting and bid adjustments.

Campaign-level, now called ‘not upgraded‘ location extensions can still be used until they are withdrawn sometime towards the end of 2014.