SEO Grimsby FAQ: How SEO & Content Marketing is Measurable?

SEO and Content Marketing is ultimatley more measurable than other types of marketing, unlike traditional print work advertising, like leaflet drops – Websites and your Content Marketing can have analytics software installed that actually tracks the number of visitors that arrive on your website, their location, and even the search terms they typed into Google to find your website.

Content Marketing measurable factors:

  • Number of visitors
  • Geographical visitors
  • HTML forms responses
  • Email link responses
  • Web only phone line responses

If you need help measuring your websites success or think it should be getting you more work, get in touch for a friendly chat.


Grimsby SEO FAQ: How Google ranks your website?

An essential element in your SEO and Content Marketing is to ensure your website ranks as highly as possible for your keywords. This means that when your customer Googles a keyword looking for your service, that your website is no.1 placement in the SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages). Understanding how Google ranks your website and the techniques and work involved is a crucial part of your marketing.

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SEO Grimsby FAQ: What is a competitive analysis?


Competitive Analysis is a method of researching your competitors in order to gain an understanding of their marketing efforts and to ensure that we can equal and then beat them, gaining a competitive advantage.

Typically undertaken in the early stages of a SEO campaign, a Competitive Analysis allows our clients to understand what their competitors have done so far with their website, their social media, link building, and social signals, in fact almost everything to do with their website and their content marketing.

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