SEO Grimsby FAQ: What are social signals?

One of Grimsby SEOs client’s ask me to explain what social signals are, and so I thought I’d share my definition and then try to explain their growing relevance and their role in SEO.

Social Signals are indicators to a search engine like Google, indicators that your brand or web presence is important and has high relevance.

Social signals could include:

  • no. of Twitter followers for your brand
  • no. of re-Tweets of your content
  • a high authored Tweeter re-Tweets your brand or content
  • no. of Facebook likes of your brand
  • no. of Facebook shares of your content

Studies have shown that Social signals also include helping your ranking indirectly; by creating valuable in-links (Googles bread and butter for ranking),  more repeat visitors, increase brand trust, and a stickiness that attracts consumers.

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SEO Grimsby FAQ: How SEO & Content Marketing is Measurable?

SEO and Content Marketing is ultimatley more measurable than other types of marketing, unlike traditional print work advertising, like leaflet drops – Websites and your Content Marketing can have analytics software installed that actually tracks the number of visitors that arrive on your website, their location, and even the search terms they typed into Google to find your website.

Content Marketing measurable factors:

  • Number of visitors
  • Geographical visitors
  • HTML forms responses
  • Email link responses
  • Web only phone line responses

If you need help measuring your websites success or think it should be getting you more work, get in touch for a friendly chat.


SEO Grimsby FAQ: SEO and Content Marketing:

SEO and Content Marketing

google-hummingbirdWhen it comes to analysing the Internet, SEO has always been the measurable aspect of Google’s armouries.

Data does not lie, SEO techniques, tactics and content marketing are the backbone of any good strategy.

Google’s need for something deeper has just been substantiated by its new update, Hummingbird.

Nothing has meaning without context, search engines have always had this aim.  By giving the user content, it takes search engine results away from any tailor made approach.

Where Will SEO Take Us?

Completely different to the broadcasting techniques that traditional advertisers have employed in the past, Google has deliberately moved toward what is known as narrowcasting.  This follows the idea of targeting your audience so that ads and search results are not wasted on people who have no interest in them.

This is a complex technique, whereby building up a profile of users to provide search results that are based on individual relevance. At the moment it’s results are not foolproof.

Instead of each update overriding the previous one, Google is simply supercharging its engine, one algorithm update at a time.

It’s only purpose is to find out what people are searching for, and provide them with it.

Black-hat SEO techniques, instead of staying true to this principal, try to trick or exploit the algorithm itself.

Methods like page stuffing, content farming, unnatural link building and keyword overuse are just lazy attempts at trying to manipulate a system that was created to satisfy the user.  This, in part, is why Google employs a few thousand extremely clever people, this is why these underhanded techniques will always live on borrowed time.

Where Does Content Marketing Come In To It?

The misunderstanding that these updates are here to kill off SEO techniques cannot be further from the truth.  You just need to understand the progress of SEO and combined content to realise why Google exists in the first place.

Google Hummingbird LogoGoogle’s search engine was created with one goal in mind, making the search experience as easy and useful for users as possible,  this is because easy and useful translates to more financial wellbeing for Google.

If any of it’s updates are seen as particularly harmful to a brand’s online identity, then the company in question should reevaluate the effectiveness of its content, and whether it’s methods are in line with Google’s plight.

Panda’s arrival assured that thin, low quality content was punished.

Penguin attacked link farming and irrelevant linking.

Hummingbird aims to add context and conversation to the equation.

The combination of these three major changes points to that gorgeous wallflower that many SEO companies had chosen to ignore until now,  content marketing.

Making Your Content Marketing More Human

While creating content that is relevant, unique and creative, you promote organic sharing.  Ultimately, there are three steps to get this right:

  • Align your goals with Google’s, in other words, create content that deserves attention and rankings from Google
  • Base your content on what the world is currently looking for, by keeping an eye on and anticipating trends
  • Create a community by engaging with your audience and developing the conversations

Instead of adding content to your SEO, you should be adding SEO to your content.

The priorities of this approach is the new angle that all companies should pursue.  It is inaccurate to say that quality and relevance is the new game.

These two factors have always been in the game, now Google is clever enough to see if you are trying to cheat.

The question was never ‘what is Google looking for’ .

It was always ‘what do people want from Google’.

If you create your online strategies based on this theory, then Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird, or any future animal themed update should not affect you in a negative way.

SEO has never been distinct from good content marketing.  In fact, content marketing is the ultimate form of search engine optimisation.  It is emphasised by the way that you have been creating quality content that is original and appealing to users,

Above all, the technicalities of search engine updates, algorithm changes and page ranks, has always been really very simple. Although there have been attempts to get under Google’s bonnet, you should remember one thing.  The unavoidable fact that across the internet, there is a real person at the other end, reading and sharing your content. Or not sharing it.

SEO Grimsby FAQ: How do I know if I’m getting ranked?

How Do I know if I’m getting ranked by Google?

As part of your SEO campaign you’ll want to ensure your getting ranked correctly by Google, otherwise all your SEO and Content Marketing efforts could be wasted.

If your worried your website is not getting ranked properly, or at all, Google helps you with a free tool set, heres 4 quick and easy actions you can take to get underway:

  1. Google your company name, and see if you show up in Googles search engine results, if you don’t; your not indexed properly.
  2. Sign up to Google Webmaster Tools, you can use your existing Google account if you have one.
  3. Add a Google sitemap.xml to your website, this is an easily indexable map of your content for Googles consumption.
  4. Google Webmaster Tools will tell you if you have any issues across your website, and your Google Sitemap will dig into any page specific crawling errors.

With Googles Webmaster Tools you can understand if your getting ranked by Google, and ensure you have no crawl errors across your website.


SEO Grimsby FAQ: How to keep your websites PR when re-designing

You’ve put effort into SEO enhancing your website over the years, with many pages ranking well in Google including your homepage, but you need to refresh the website, it’s looking dated, it’s not optimised for mobile devices, it’s in need of a re-design. Please ensure you keep that PR you’ve built up with Search Engines intact, or else the ramifications could be costly.

Loss of PR = Loss of profit

Ensure your years of hard work aren’t wasted by hiring a web design company that doesn’t understand SEO and online marketing.

I painstakingly watched a companies sales drop significantly when they re-designed their website and their new web designers put little effort into maintaining their Google PR. Understandably the company lost earnings and are still mopping up their mess now.

How to keep your PR when re-designing

The steps are actually really simply, ensure you ask your web design company how they will maintain your websites PR?

Ensure they answer with the following, before you hire them:

  1. We will identify your top converting web pages and take extra care with them
  2. We will keep the page URL structure exactly as it is now
  3. We will ensure your taxonomy structure is exactly as it is now
  4. We will ensure meta tags are exactly as they are now
  5. We will work from your Content Strategy document and add to your existing structure, not create a new one

If your worried about re-designing your website and the loss implications it could have for your company, feel free to get in touch.

Can I use SEO to understand the size of my opportunity?

Understanding the size of your opportunity is a crucial piece of your SEO campaign, and your content marketing, I’d go even further and state that it’s crucial to the success of your overall business strategy.

You can utilise the analysis and research part of your SEO campaign to understand the amount of people that are searching Google for a particular keyword or key phrase, thus supporting the case for your overall business opportunity.

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Grimsby SEO FAQ: How Google ranks your website?

An essential element in your SEO and Content Marketing is to ensure your website ranks as highly as possible for your keywords. This means that when your customer Googles a keyword looking for your service, that your website is no.1 placement in the SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages). Understanding how Google ranks your website and the techniques and work involved is a crucial part of your marketing.

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Grimsby SEO FAQ: Is SEO still relevant?


Is SEO still relevant?

In a world of social media marketing on Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms, Pay Per Click, and a world full of web apps; Is Search Engine Optimization still relevant?


A well SEO enhanced website is still a fundamental technique in allowing search engines to find you and optimize your website so that you index more efficiently.

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