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Panda vs Penguin – The Key Differences

Those of you in the SEO and blogging industry will be no stranger to the terms – Google Panda or Google Penguin.

What exactly are they?

Both Panda and Penguin are updates that have been created by Google to generate a seemingly flawless search engine optimisation plan.

The idea behind both updates are the same, to bring you high quality and content rich websites, right at the top of the search engine standings.


Google Panda is an algorithm designed to help rank websites with quality content, while Google Penguin is an algorithm designed to control spam.

The idea behind Panda was to punish websites with low quality content.

The idea behind Penguin was to bring down a website that violates Google’s Webmaster Guidelines and those that use black-hat SEO techniques.

Google Panda

Google Panda launched back in February 2011, it was also known as the Framers Update.

Google’s main focus was to change the search results standing algorithm, since they had not done so for a long time.

Since Panda’s release, it has seen more than 22 updates to help correct the issue of websites that have a large amount of advertising or with low quality content to stop their ranking declining.

A webmaster should make updates to their website and make changes to any low quality pages or content in addition to checking any over-optimised pages.

If your website has been hit by Panda you will need to create a new campaign by building up your brand awareness, even updating your social media.

It is a good idea to separate the webpages that have been affected by Panda from those that are not.

Panda is designed to account for your pages.

Thus, your crucial changes need to be on your website itself; by checking for little or no content, plagiarism or even adding a FAQ page could help in your fight for rankings.

Google Pengiun

The way Google Penguin’s algorithm affects a website is by looking at the overall content, not just the keywords.

Usually, single pages on a website will not be pickeded up by the algorithm, the algorithm will make notes of websites with little or no original content, even duplicate duplicate content.

Penguin was launched after Panda, back in April 2012, it became known as the Over Optimisation Penalty.

So far, Penguin has only had 3 updates, it was designed to eliminate any Black Hat SEO techniques found by the algorithm, you should avoid:

  • Excessive link building
  • Low quality content
  • Creating content for other blogs and websites

If your website has been marked by the Penguin algorithm, ways to rectify the problem would be to check your links and check if they are from the same domain names or IP address to ensure the links.

Penguin’s main focus is to penalise unusual links that trigger changes in the search results deliberately.

Penguin does not damage a website completely (unlike Panda); instead, it marks part of the website on a page, at the keyword level.

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