SEO Grimsby News – Google’s Shift To Semantic Search, But What Is Its Impact on SEO

Way back, at the beginnings of SEO, it had nearly always been about keywords.

When we prioritised keywords over content quality because, after all, that’s what it took to get ranked.

A world of quantity over quality, it did not really matter if the keywords we used sounded surgically implanted or not.

We all knew that it worked, so went along for the ride.

Just like VHS has gone, (I remember when the best Video store in town folded). It is no longer about using hundreds of keywords.

Just like the slimline blu-ray DVD has replaced the VHS recorder; natural use of keywords in content is the way forward.

We live in the modern, reinvented world, where semantic search makes a major impact.

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SEO Grimsby News – Is Bing A Thing of The Past

Virtual Assistant Coming To Windows 9

A new virtual assistant called Cortana is coming To Windows 9, but will It Replace Bing?

The latest coming out of San Francisco is that Microsoft will unveil Windows 9 to the press.

Reported features of the new Operating System is that it is going to include a new virtual assistant, called ‘Cortana’.

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SEO Grimsby News – Google Now Rewards Great Content

To the experienced marketer, this is a no brainer.

To others, it will probably need a little explaining.

It is really common knowledge, if you do follow Google’s guidelines, you could run a blog and increase your business traffic and profits (remember, this happens over time).

It is not instant, well, very little in business is.


When we say Google, we mean Google the search engine (not the global company with fingers in every pie).

Google is the leading search engine for much of the world.

When anyone mentions SEO and getting on the good side of Google, it is true that other search engines, like Bing, Yahoo or Ask will be affected in a similar way.

Google Rewards

What do we mean?

How do Google reward a website for playing ball?

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SEO Grimsby – Lead And Demand Generation Within Your Content Marketing

crossroadsLead generation and demand generation, these both have their uses; but sadly cannot be used at the same time if you want to get the full potential out of them because they will work against each other.

You hear the majority of marketing people use the term ‘demand generation’, by this they mean lead generation — which is a measure of success based on the number and value of the leads their efforts bring in.

The problem is: Demand generation is focused on shaping your potential clients and present clients perspective, and lead generation is really just collecting their information.

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