SEO Grimsby News – 5 SEO Myths: You Already Do One or Two

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mythGoogle makes hundreds of changes to it’s algorithms a year; this means that it is a constant battle to stay ahead of the game and keep your webite at the top of search results.

Panda 4.0 is the most recent major update to Google’s algorithm modifications, where they focused on Quality vs Quantity.

If you would like to take a better look at what Panda is, and what has changed take a look at this post.

MYTH – Social networking and SEO are unrelated

Google takes more notice of content that has larger social interactions – remember, always post new content on G+, after all it is Google and will help to get your conent indexed faster.

Google and other search engines look for both specific keywords, semantic keywords and the relationships they have with sentence structure.

MYTH – Search engines only look for specific keywords

Google and other search engines look for both specific keywords, semantic keywords and the relationships they have with modern gramatic values.

Google is indexed by the majority of other search engines, so will reproduce similar results.

Ask yourself – What type of questions would my target audience be asking?

Produce your content to answer these questions.

MYTH – I need half of my pages content to be keywords

This is not true, this is a dated view of things long before Google, people at one time did fill their pages with keywords; this is now punished by Google and does not help your SEO.

MYTH – I need to add Meta description tags for SEO

Google is much happier gleaning content from your page, rather than using Meta tags

MYTH – You need a large quantity of indexed pages to rank on Google

Quality vs Quantity – if you have some very high quality pages, you will more often than not, outrank your competitors that have low quality pages.

Focus your content on answers to questions that your target audience are asking – remember these things, Who, What, When, Why and How; if your content is not answering these questions, then why post it?


90% of searches are made using Google in the European Union and around 80% in the United States – so you could say that chances are, your target audience is using Google, this should stand out with a big red flag, thus meaning that you should pay more attention to the changes that Google makes to it’s search algorithms.

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