Grimsby SEO News: Google My Business

Google has released Google My Business, a one stop shop for you to control your business visibility in Google. It’s been noted that owning and maintaining all the Google business app properties in the past has been long winded and become a real pain. Google my business ties in Googles services for your business pulling together Google+, Google Maps and Google Search. Add all your info into Google My Business and it will populate all the apps at once. Thanks Google.

Google says: We’ve brought together the best of Google, all in one place, use Google My Business to:

  • Edit your business info on Search
  • Share news and updates with customers
  • Respond to reviews
  • Discover how customers find your business

You’ll soon come across a handy holding screen where all your business data is collected and displayed including Google Insights and Google Analytics. All existing page owners have been upgraded to the new design.

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SEO Grimsby: Google And The ‘Right To Be Forgotten’

dmcaGoogle have indicated that they will add a disclosure in their search results indicating something has been removed under the EU ‘Right To Be Forgotten‘ Legislation.

At the present, Google shows a disclosure for DMCA removals.  When Google censors its results, it shows a little notice at the bottom of the search results.

Although this has not been implemented yet, we expect the disclosure to go live in the near future.

Google says that it will show disclosures when URLs have been removed under the new ‘Right To Be Forgotten’ legislation in a manner similar to the DMCA disclosure.

So, although the URL itself is forgotten, the fact that Google was made to forget it will be plain to see.  If someone asks for a URL to be removed from the listings for their name, and the application is approved, the URL will vanish — but anyone who looks at the bottom of the results will know that something has been removed.

We expect Google will provide a link to, as it does with other types of censorship requests, this is where people can learn more about what is has been removed from the results.

Obviously, names, would not be revealed, though those can be deduced from the search query.

The URLs that have been taken down would not be revealed either.

SEO Grimsby FAQ: What are social signals?

One of Grimsby SEOs client’s ask me to explain what social signals are, and so I thought I’d share my definition and then try to explain their growing relevance and their role in SEO.

Social Signals are indicators to a search engine like Google, indicators that your brand or web presence is important and has high relevance.

Social signals could include:

  • no. of Twitter followers for your brand
  • no. of re-Tweets of your content
  • a high authored Tweeter re-Tweets your brand or content
  • no. of Facebook likes of your brand
  • no. of Facebook shares of your content

Studies have shown that Social signals also include helping your ranking indirectly; by creating valuable in-links (Googles bread and butter for ranking),  more repeat visitors, increase brand trust, and a stickiness that attracts consumers.

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