SEO Grimsby FAQ: How to keep your websites PR when re-designing

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You’ve put effort into SEO enhancing your website over the years, with many pages ranking well in Google including your homepage, but you need to refresh the website, it’s looking dated, it’s not optimised for mobile devices, it’s in need of a re-design. Please ensure you keep that PR you’ve built up with Search Engines intact, or else the ramifications could be costly.

Loss of PR = Loss of profit

Ensure your years of hard work aren’t wasted by hiring a web design company that doesn’t understand SEO and online marketing.

I painstakingly watched a companies sales drop significantly when they re-designed their website and their new web designers put little effort into maintaining their Google PR. Understandably the company lost earnings and are still mopping up their mess now.

How to keep your PR when re-designing

The steps are actually really simply, ensure you ask your web design company how they will maintain your websites PR?

Ensure they answer with the following, before you hire them:

  1. We will identify your top converting web pages and take extra care with them
  2. We will keep the page URL structure exactly as it is now
  3. We will ensure your taxonomy structure is exactly as it is now
  4. We will ensure meta tags are exactly as they are now
  5. We will work from your Content Strategy document and add to your existing structure, not create a new one

If your worried about re-designing your website and the loss implications it could have for your company, feel free to get in touch.

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