Grimsby SEO FAQ: How Google ranks your website?

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An essential element in your SEO and Content Marketing is to ensure your website ranks as highly as possible for your keywords. This means that when your customer Googles a keyword looking for your service, that your website is no.1 placement in the SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages). Understanding how Google ranks your website and the techniques and work involved is a crucial part of your marketing.

How Google ranks your website?

Google on Ranking:

Sites’ positions in our search results are determined based on hundreds of factors designed to provide end-users with helpful, accurate search results.

In general, webmasters can improve the rank of their sites by creating high-quality sites that users will want to use and share.

SEO help is at hand

Not very helpful ha, Lucky for you, you have full time SEO professionals who’s job it is to ensure your up-to-date with Google’s algorithmic changes.

Google doesn’t tell us it’s top secret algorithm, but as SEO professionals we read between the lines and as Web Designers we adhere to Googles search friendly website recommendations. Here’s a quick list of ranking factors you need to be aware of:

Ranking Factors

  • Keywords on your websites (Density / Title Tags)
  • Freshness of your content (Up-to-date / frequency of publishing)
  • Your region (local as related to the search)
  • Your PageRank (Quality of the web page)
  • Social Signals (Likes, Shares, Links from big players)
  • Website performance (Load times / quality)

These factors are among a long list of factors that are part of Googles secret algorithm.

Google do provide resources to help us; the Google Academy and Google Webmaster Tools are learning resources and tools to help us stay up-to-date and help us keep track of how Google ranks your website.

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