Grimsby SEO FAQ: Is SEO still relevant?

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Is SEO still relevant?

In a world of social media marketing on Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms, Pay Per Click, and a world full of web apps; Is Search Engine Optimization still relevant?


A well SEO enhanced website is still a fundamental technique in allowing search engines to find you and optimize your website so that you index more efficiently.

Even with the current buzzwords; Social Media Marketing and Content Marketing, your main website is typically still your main web real estate, a place that you fully control your honed sales machine – the place that your Social Media efforts should all lead.

SEO should form part of your Content Marketing; experienced marketeers will tell you not to put all your eggs in one Marleting basket. If you rely fully on one technique, for instance Facebook Ads, what could happen when Facebook decide to change the way they work suddenly; you could be in trouble.

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