Grimsby SEO FAQ: What is keyword research, how does it help?

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SEO enhancing your website for your keywords is a crucial part of your Content Marketing and fully understanding which keywords your customers are using to find your services, crucial to the success of your website and your marketing.

What is keyword research, how does it help?

Typically Keyword research is used as part of an analysis phase of a marketing project, once we know who your customers are, their needs and desires, your business goals and what you do and how you do it- we can identify a list of key words that represent your company and it’s products.

This keyword list can then be verified by undertaking keyword research, a technique of researching what your customers type into Google tin find you. We will explore your keyword list and then also make suggestions as to what keywords are being used and which keyword are attainable.

Keyword Research Answers Crucial Questions

  • Are people googling for my service?
  • What is the size of my demographic?
  • How many people search for my service per month?
  • how much funding should I put into Content Marketing?
  • Do my customers prefer one product to another?

Keyword research allows us to understand the many questions, concerns, and risks as expressed by your customers. Keyword research can help us understand the actual vocabulary of your customers and understand their researching behaviour.

Keyword research can give you the best indication as to the oppertunity size, and sets the tone for how you will get return on your investment.

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