SEO Grimsby FAQ: What is a competitive analysis?

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Competitive Analysis is a method of researching your competitors in order to gain an understanding of their marketing efforts and to ensure that we can equal and then beat them, gaining a competitive advantage.

Typically undertaken in the early stages of a SEO campaign, a Competitive Analysis allows our clients to understand what their competitors have done so far with their website, their social media, link building, and social signals, in fact almost everything to do with their website and their content marketing.

By understanding our competitors actions and current marketing efforts, we can create a roadmap to help our clients usurp them.

As part of a Competitive Analysis we typically select a 3 – 9 of your competitors to research, the research is typically collated into a spreadsheet that displays a side by side comparison.

We identify Content Marketing key indicators:

  • is the website SEO enhanced?
  • number of incoming links
  • position in the SERPS for our keywords
  • social media usage/frequency
  • typical editorial behaviour

Along with Website Quality key indicators:

  • quality of the coding
  • brand messaging
  • navigation type
  • key resources
  • page load times
  • copywriting quality
  • imagery quality

We would also include any specific competiive questions, for instance:

  • calibre of clients
  • special offers
  • partnerships formed
  • technological advantages

Each competitors stats are entered into the spreadsheet and an overall ranking is determined. For instance a score of 16/50.

The findings are presented as a report that outlines your competitors current positioning and more importantly what we have to do to align and then beat them.

We now have identified your competitors strengths and weaknesses, we fully understand their marketing efforts, and therefore we know how to catch up, and then beat them. A Competitive Analysis gained you the insight and understanding of how to dominate your market.

Now your company simply has to stack up.




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