SEO Grimsby FAQ: How search engines work?

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Search Engines like Google and Bing are pieces of software designed to search, or crawl across the web (hence they are also know as web crawlers), they make a record of whats out there. This record is often called an index, like the index in at the back of a book.

If you search Google for the word “Cat Hats”, Google retrieves and displays you a list of Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS) from it’s index.

If you own a website and sell “Cat Hats”, you want your customer to find you, to achieve this you’ll want to be in number one placement in the SERPS.

Google and other search engines use a secret algorithm to determine how relevant your website is to someones search. It’s top secret stuff, but Google do publish it’s recommended best practices, as a SEO expert it is our job to understand this algorithm and it’s determining factors and ensure our clients stay relevant.

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