SEO Grimsby FAQ: Why SEO works better than traditional direct marketing

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Why SEO works better than traditional direct marketing?

The short answer is it comes down to your customers mode.

The crucial difference between getting web leads utilising SEO and getting leads through traditional direct marketing, is your customers mindset, or mode. Let me explain with a scenario:

Scenario 1: Send out 1000 leaflets

When your leaflet drops on your prospects doorstep, your prospect is not in buying mode, they’re probably in food mode or relax mode, theres certainly a million other things that they want to be doing, I’m sorry, but no matter how good your leaflet design, it’s just not important to them; whats the chance of your customer being in “find a service mode” in that very moment the leaflet pops into their life, not likely.

Scenario 2: customer searches for your service in Google

The customer is undertaking a task; they want to find a service provider, they’re researching, Googling, and if you meet their requirements, answer their concerns, alleviate the risks, look great, and seem trustworthy, you make the shortlist of service providers. Most importantly the customer is in buying mode in that very moment.

A thousand leaflets might get a handful of customers, whereas – a thousand people searching for your service gets you an income stream.

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