Are your customers Googling you?

Posted By on December 10, 2013, in SEO Grimsby FAQ

A common question we ask our clients is; are your customers Googling you?

The answer is usually, we don’t know.

If you understood how many people are searching Google for the service you undertake, or the product you sell, I’d imagine it would be quite empowering.

You could gauge your customers language, the specific terms they use to find a service like yours, you could understand if they search geographically or even if they are after a cheap version of your product, a quality version, or a quick version of your product.

Understanding if 10 people a month, or 2000 people a month search for a particular service could help your strategic business decisions, could qualify whether you spend all that money on that big marketing push or not.

If you stock product, this knowledge could help you understand customer demand and change your stock levels of certain products.

Understanding what your customers are Googling can change your core business decisions, and help your underlying understanding of your customers wants, needs, behaviour and buying patterns.

From our experience, the answer is always yes, your customers are Googling you, or at least, yes; your customers are looking for what you do on the internet.

To understand if your customers are Googling you and the effect it could have on your specific company, why not, get in touch.

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